how to chromecast crunchyroll to tv 1080p

Chromecast Crunchyroll Review for Android AppCrunchyroll has been known as one of the best service to get East Asian based entertainment and contents, especially anime episodes. As of a few month ago, this service has been used by at least 5 million users worldwide. So, it is not a shock that they have also released the Chromecast Crunchyroll feature that will allow the user to cast their favorite anime episodes directly to their HDMI TV.

But before we go to the technical detail about how to use the Chromecast while watching anime on your android phone, we should tell you about the pros and cons about this app service. Crunchyroll’s first main selling point is the on demand feature for anime episodes. Unlike conventional TVs, this app will allow you to watch any episodes of your favorite anime anywhere.

Crunchyroll will offer the users two main segment for usage. The first one is the free membership, which will allow the users to watch all episodes available but can only see them to the maximum of 480p quality. Meanwhile, premium membership is available for USD 6.95 per month, which grants you the ability to watch even newest episodes on 1080p resolution.

Not only that, Crunchyroll also gives you the ability to use the app to gain friendship from all over the world with its social function. You can now chat with anyone right from the app and see the discussion about particular episodes.

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll services also lacks on some aspects. For instance, English-dubbed episodes of anime are pretty rare. And even if they are available, most of the dubbing quality is not very nice. But this should not be a problem that much because close captioning is still there to help you enjoy your anime.

Lastly, to be able to use the Chromecast Crunchyroll on your android phone, you should simply connect your Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV. Then, by opening the Crunchyroll app in your phone, find the cast icon on the top part of the app.Chromecast Crunchyroll Review for Android App This will send the display of your anime right to your TV, and you can now use the phone as the controller.

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