chromecast could not connect to wifi | check the password

In this tutorial goes for the “chromecast could not connect to wifi, please┬ácheck the password“. If you have the chromecast first generation or the second generation basically, you keep trying to connect, you put in the right password over and over and over, and you still get that error.chromecast could not connect to network check the password

Well the way to get around that is you need to power cycle your modem and router. If you only have a modem, didn’t you just obviously you power cycle the modem, but if you have a modem and a router, you need to power cycle both of them.

Basically it’s best to turn them both off, leave it off for one minute, and then put it back on there. And then your password should work.

Now it doesn’t matter you know, I mean you’re probably connecting to your Wi-Fi network on your phone and a computer using the same password. Everything is working except for this cone crap this chromecast. Well that’s the issue. It doesn’t matter, I just go ahead and you know power cycle : turn it off and turn it on your modem as well as your router. So it doesn’t work what you can do is turn off the modem and router, shut it down for like one minute and then boot it back up. Then the password will work

If the problems still continue please try again, might be you are luck. Please check also For the chromecast problems connect to wifi from windows 10

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