chromecast app for windows phone

Chromecast for windows phone do not available on windowsphone store. The chromecast sdk is only support for IOS and Android only. But if you use Windows phone, you could use alternative option to connect it to chromecast.

Use Cloud for chromecast lite app to cast videos / photos (one drive media) from your windows phone to HDMI TV with chromecast device.

  1. Download the app and install it to your windows phone : cloud for chromecast windows phone rt download
  2. Open the app, and you will see this screen :chromecast app for windows phone using cloud for cast lite
  3. Select one the videos, tap on right corner, and tap the chromecast list like the screen below: chromecast app for windows phone RT using cloud for cast lite
  4. Tap again on the video and then tap on “play on chromecast” option : chromecast app for windows 10 phone using cloud for cast lite
  5. Done, your video will cast on HDMI TV now.

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